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Adgenda for the regular session of The Library Board for the City of Billings

Library are to be held at the Billings City Library building on Tuesday

                                 January 8th 2019 at 6pm .                         .

Roll Call

Jessie Coker Board President to call meeting to order


Public Participation .


Old Buisness

A.Volunteer handbook .Vote


B.Discus a partnership with the city for Grants . Vote




New Business

  1. Tina to discuss purchase of new computers and cataloging software. vote


B.Jessie Coker to discuss 5k fundraiser volunteers for march. Vote


C.Tina to discuss Evenbrite event for library . Vote


  1. Tina to discuss any proposals to the city for the next meeting . Vote

E.Approval of minutes from Dec. 2018 meeting . Vote

F.Approval of Financials from Dec. 2018. Vote

Meeting Adjourned Prepared by :

Jessie Coker

Board President




Posted 01/07/2019   4:25 p.m.



Billings City Library Agenda for Tuesday, January 8, 2019