Board of Aldermen Agenda for Thursday, January 17, 2019


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City Of Billings   P.O. Box 207   Billings, MO 65610

Phone 417-744-2581                          Fax 417-744-4560







Mayor Rauch will open the Board Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Mayor’s Comments.




       a.  Poindexter to give estimates on repairs for the Generator at the plant.       Possible Vote.




      a.   Consent Agenda. Vote.


Review and approve the Minutes for the Regular Session Meeting of the Board of Aldermen on

December 20, 2018.

Review and approve the Minutes for the Special Called Meeting of the Board of Aldermen on

December 7, 2018.

Review and approve the Minutes for the Closed Session at the Special Called Meeting of the Board

of Aldermen on December 7, 2018.

Review and approve the Treasurer’s Summary Report.

Review and approve Police Report.

Review and approve the Municipal Court Report.

Review and approve the Animal Control Report.

Review and approve the Water and Wastewater Report.

Review and approve the Water Report.

Review and approve the Building Inspector’s Report.

Review and approve the Library Board Minutes of December Meeting.

       b.   BILL NO. 19-01 — An Ordinance Amending the Budget for the Fiscal Year January 1, 2018 to


December 31, 2018. First and Second Reading. Possible Vote.

       c.   BILL NO. 19-02 — An Ordinance Electing and Setting Forth the Duties and Salary and Term


of Office of the City Clerk. First and Second Reading. Possible Vote.

       d.   BILL NO. 19-03 — An Ordinance Setting Salaries of All Officers and Employees of the City.


First and Second Reading. Possible Vote.

       e.   Board to hire McLiney Company as Underwriters for Phase II of the Bond Projects. Possible Vote.

       f.   Board to make nominations for the President of the Board. Possible Vote.

       g.  Board to appoint the following employees and officers for the year of 2019: Possible Vote.


Chris M. Hopkins, City Treasurer, Deputy City Clerk.

Gail L. Steinert, Public Works Clerk.

Janice E. Bluebaum, Asst. Public Works Clerk

Randy Poindexter, Water & Sewer Supt.

Keith E. Hilburn, Animal Control, Public Works/Wastewater.

Donnie E. Batson, General Labor, Street, Park, Public Works, Wastewater

David E. Taylor, Police Chief

Bruce A. Belin, Lieutenant

Justin D. Braden, Police Officer


Terry Danley, Code Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector

Archer-Elgin Engineering Firm

William J. Petrus, City Attorney

Joel Harris, Municipal Judge

Henry Bos, Emergency Management Director

       h.   Board to appoint Library Board Members for 2019. List Attached. Possible Vote.

       i.   Tina Didreckson to discuss a couple of grant partnerships with the City. Possible Vote.

       j.   Board to appoint members of the Park Advisory Board. List Attached. Possible Vote.

      k.   Board to approve the following names as authorized signers for the City of Billings Asset Management


Account at the Bank of Billings: Mayor David Rauch, President of the Board, City Clerk Ruth M. Haskins

and City Treasurer Chris M. Hopkins. Possible Vote.

       l.    Woods to discuss water & sewer rates.   Possible Vote.

       m.  Woods to discuss sidewalks on Mt. Vernon and Highway 60. Possible Vote.

       n.   Woods to readdress the Veterans Wall and Band Stand. Possible Vote.

       o.    Kucera to discuss possible replacement of City’s Website, for further consideration at a later date.

       p.   Brown to discuss a part time infrastructure supervisor to assess and supervise projects as directed by the


Mayor and the Board. Place ad in Paper? Possible Vote.

       q.   Mayor to discuss with the Board that Randy is going to school to obtain a higher rank. Possible Vote.

       r.   Mayor to discuss appointing a committee for an Employee Policy and Procedure and City Policy and Procedure. Possible Vote.

       s.   Motion to approve wages, expenses, bills, statements and other expenditures for the month of


December, 2018. Possible Vote.


Motion for the Board to go into Closed Session for the Purpose of hiring, firing and disciplining an employee

Pursuant to Section 610.021(3) RSMo.

Meeting will be closed to the Public.

Reopen Regular Session.

No further business.



The Undersigned, Hereby Certifies that a True Copy of the Foregoing Agenda was Posted at Billings City Hall

At 3:30 p.m. on January 15, 2019.





Ruth M. Haskins, City Clerk


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Billings City Library Agenda for Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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City of Billings Library 251 NE US Hwy 60 Billings MO. 65610

  1. 417-233-1688               email


Adgenda for the regular session of The Library Board for the City of Billings

Library are to be held at the Billings City Library building on Tuesday

                                 January 8th 2019 at 6pm .                         .

Roll Call

Jessie Coker Board President to call meeting to order


Public Participation .


Old Buisness

A.Volunteer handbook .Vote


B.Discus a partnership with the city for Grants . Vote




New Business

  1. Tina to discuss purchase of new computers and cataloging software. vote


B.Jessie Coker to discuss 5k fundraiser volunteers for march. Vote


C.Tina to discuss Evenbrite event for library . Vote


  1. Tina to discuss any proposals to the city for the next meeting . Vote

E.Approval of minutes from Dec. 2018 meeting . Vote

F.Approval of Financials from Dec. 2018. Vote

Meeting Adjourned Prepared by :

Jessie Coker

Board President




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