City Contacts

               Billings City Hall
                  P O Box 207
                 202 NE US Hwy 60
               Billings, MO 65610
Phone:   417-744-2581      CITY FAX: 417-744-4560
Mayor     Michael B. Hodges
Ward I    Tricia Huffman
Ward Ia   Holly Fender
Ward II   Nicolas Harter
Ward IIa  Mickey Brown
Ward III  Marvin Woods
Ward IIIa Jessie Coker
       City Hall closed 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm M-F
City Clerk         417-744-2581 Ext. 1002
Ruth M Haskins       

Municial Clerk Ruth M Haskins
Municipal Phone    417-695-2079

City Treasurer, Deputy City Clerk 417-744-2581 Ext. 1003
Chris M Hopkins  

Front Office Receptionist   Gail Steinert  Ext. 1001  
      Water Dept.
Supt. Water and Sewer, Randy Poindexter 
Water and Sewer Dept, Randy Poindexter  Ext. 1004 

Water and Sewer Dept, Keith Hilburn     Ext. 1005

Animal Control (Keith)   417-744-2581   Ext. 1005

Water & Sewer Depts   417-744-2581      Ext. 1004
City Maintenance Dept   Donnie Batson

Police Chief Taylor    417-744-2582 Ext 1008

POLICE FAX:    417-744-2954
202 NE US Hwy 60

Chief David Taylor

Officers: 417-744-2582 Ext 1007
Officer Martin Minnis
Officer Jordan Williams