Electrical Service

Liberty Utilities provides electrical service to Billings and our surrounding area. You can pay your electrical bill in city hall or visit their website here. We recommend you visit their website to sign up for business or residential service. To report an electrical outage, you can call 800-206-2300.

Natural Gas

Spire Energy provides natural gas service to Billings and our surrounding area. You can sign up or pay your natural gas bill by visiting their website here.

Water, Sewer & Trash

At this time, you will need to drop off your payment in the city office during normal office hours or in the drop off box in the back of the City Hall building. Our Water Clerk, Gail will be happy to give you a receipt if you stop by. She can also help you sign up for an automatic checking account withdrawal (ACH) for the 10th of the month, following the reading of your water meter.

**Summer 2020 Update: If you are filling up a swimming pool this summer, be sure to let our Water Clerk know in advance. She can issue a credit for the sewer charges but will need to know.

2020 Utility Rates

2020 Recycling Calendar