February 12, 2019


The meeting was called to order by Jessie Coker.  Those present were Rusty Bell, Tina

Didrickson and Ivy Maxwell.  Guest were Scott Villarreal from the Christian County





  1. Copy of the rough draft of the Volunteer Policy Handbook was passed around

and reviewed by the member.  Final  draft to be submitted at a later date and

voted upon.


  1. Cataloging Software was presented by Tina Didrickson and “Library World”

was decided upon at $495/year costs.  Ivy Maxwell made a motion to select

“Library World” and motion was seconded by Rusty Bell and the Motion was





  1. Upon Motion by Jessie Coker and seconded by Tina Didrickson, the motion was

passed to appoint Jan Morrison to a 2 year term expiring 01/01/2021.


  1. Upon Motion by Rusty Bell and seconded by Jessie Coker, the motion was
  2.  passed to appoint Ivy Maxwell to a 1 year term expiring 01/01/2020.


  1. Approval of the 5K application forms for the Friends of the Library was passed

on Motion by Jessie Coker and seconded by Rusty Bell and approved by all.

Date of 5K to be September 21st.  (Rain out date to Septemer 28th.) Also discussed were the Banner and T-shirt design for the 5K.  Pre-k to and

including 2nd grade to design Banner with a prize to the winner.  Grades 3            through 12 to design T-shirt design with a gift certificate going to the winner.

$25 pre-registration fee will be during the Fair.  Any registration after the

fair will be $30.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.  Guest Scott Villarreal

agreed that Christian County Library will advertise for the 5K.


  1. Tina Didrickson gave an update on the four new computers.


  1. Motion made by Jessie Coker and seconded by Ivy Maxwell to approve the           minutes from the January, 2019 meeting.  Motion passed.


  1. Motion made by Tina Didrickson and seconded by Jessie Coker to approve the

Financial Report.  Motion passed.


  1. Volunteer appreciation date discussed.  Date set for April 13, 2019 at Noon.


  1. Softball and Fair concession discussed.  Jessie Coker to request permission to

host concessions for the 2019 Softball and Fair from the City of Billings at the      next meeting.


Submitted by

Ivy Maxwell, secretary





Draft Minutes Library Board Minutes February 12, 2019

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