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Mayor David Rauch will open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor’s Comments.





a.     Mayor to discuss Visioning Plan from MSU students, which has been postponed from last meeting.       Possible Vote.




b.     Consent Agenda. Vote.


Review and approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of the August 16, 2018 Board of Aldermen Meeting.

Review and approve the Minutes of the Public Hearing for the Tax Levy August 23, 2018.

Review and approve the Minutes of the Special Called Session of the Board of Aldermen of

August 23, 2018.

Review and approve the Treasurer’s Report.

Review and approve the Police Report.

Review and approve the Municipal Court Report.

Review and approve the Animals Control Report.

Review and approve the Wastewater and Water Maintenance Report.

Review and approve the Water Collection Report.

Review and approve the Building Inspector’s Report.

Review and approve the Library Minutes.

b.     Gary Verch to ask for permission to use the Park on October 13th for a Benefit Truck Pull for the school.       Possible Vote.

c.     Mayor to appoint Susie Bos Corrie to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a term of one year.       Possible Vote.

d.     Mayor to discuss Highway 60 right-of-way and Ordinance for annexation. Possible Vote.

e.     Poindexter to present quotes for new Sampler at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Possible Vote.

f.      Poindexter to present All-Phase Electric Bill for repairs to rebuild emergency backup controller for #3 pump. Possible Vote.

g.     Poindexter to present quote for Automatic Control Panel for Plant. $4,336.20. Possible Vote.

h.     Poindexter to present quote from O’Neal Farms Hydroseeding on Pine St. from Mt. Vernon to Russell St.       Quote is $6,120.00, Road District will share in the cost. Possible Vote.

i.     Brown to update on the flag pole, it is scheduled to be installed soon. FYI.

j.      Mayor to appoint Rusty Bell to the Library Board for a term of one year. Possible Vote.

k.     Keith Hilburn has completed another class, when will his $.50 raise begin? Possible Vote.

l.      Hilburn also asked about getting paid extra for cleaning the Park bathrooms. Possible Vote.

m.    Mayor to discuss options for the Mt. Vernon lift station, not sure which scope of work to go with.       Possible Vote.

n.     Haskins stated the Fall Cleanup is tentatively set for October 25th. FYI.

o.     Haskins to discuss Hines Pharmacy is to be in Billings on the 3rd of October for other business’s in town to give Flu shots. If any members of the Board would like to take advantage of this need to notify Clerk. They will take insurance or if cash would be $35.00 to $39.00. FYI.

p.     Hopkins would like permission to authorize Tony Taylor Insurance to get three Commercial quotes for 2018-2019 Policy. Policy renews November 6, 2018. Possible Vote.

q.     Hopkins to discuss People’s Community Bank/Capital Improvement Sales Tax Loan matures on September 25, 2018. Does the Board want to pay note in full or renew for one more year? ?Break down in the packet. Possible Vote.

r.     Hopkins states Christian County Planning & Zoning is recodifying the Electrical Codes to 2018 and other codes to 2018. We need to adopt these codes so building is consistent in Christian County for cross-over builders. Terry Danley is willing to represent Billings Planning & Zoning for this upgrade. Billings is currently using 2008 & 2009. Possible Vote.

s.     Hopkins states General Code can put the Billings Ordinances on our website for $695.00 per year. Each department could pay $100.00 per year.       Possible Vote.

t.     Hopkins states need to be thinking about preparing for the nine month amendment before the 2019 Budget.       Possible Vote.

u.     Review and approve wages, expenses, bills, statements and other expenditures for the month of August, 2018. Possible Vote.



No further business.


Adjournment.  Vote.


The Undersigned, Hereby Certifies That a True Copy of the Foregoing Agenda was posted at City Hall, Billings, Missouri on the 18th day of September, 2018 at 3:30 p.m.






Ruth M. Haskins, City Clerk






Copies of this Agenda are available inside City Hall.




Board of Aldermen Agenda Thursday, September 20, 2018