June 19, 2018     6:30PM


251 NE US Hwy 60

Old business:

A.   Volunteers-policy manual

B.   Citywide cleanup update

C.   CCL Partnership

a.   Drop Box-

b.   Catalog location status

c.   Volunteer

D.   Concession Stand-

New business:

  1. New board members
  2.        a.  Welcome Scott Gold, new Billings City Library liaison to Board of  Aldermen
  3.        b.  Jessi Coker, vote to appoint to replace for Whitney Packwood term
  4.        c. Nomination and Election of new President, vote needed.
  5. Reading and approval of minutes of April 10, 2018 meeting.
  6. Reading and approval of minutes of May 8, 2018 meeting.
  7. Reading of City of Billings treasurer report, discussion and approval -\
  8.                  i.   May 2018 – tabled at last meeting

ii.   June 2018 treasurers report

5.      Electrical repairs in back room, vote needed

6.      Locks and key policy, vote needed

7.       Expenses spent and reimbursement for board member, possible vote

8.       Other New business


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6/12/2018   1:00 p.m.

Library Agenda Tuesday June 19, 2018