We hope you enjoy your virtual visit and come see us in person soon. The City of Billings, is located in the western panhandle of Christian County, Missouri, and we are glad you stopped by.

We don’t have a print newspaper in Billings but from time to time will publish official public notices in the Christian County Headliner.  We do send out a quarterly newsletter and you can find it under News and Upcoming Events.

A few of our Billings’ Neighbors even created a Facebook group you can join if you are so inclined. They chat about a lot of different things there, and remember it is not officially endorsed or monitored by the City.

If you have any questions about doing business, shopping or living in Billings, stop by City Hall, or call the fine folks who work there. They are always happy to help. Don’t stop by during noon – 1pm though as they are closed for lunch.