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Mayor pro tem Mickey Brown will open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.





a.    Marshall Decker to present the 2017 Audit. Possible Vote.

b.    BILL NO. 18-05 — An Ordinance submitting to the Qualified Voter of the City a Proposal to Discontinue Application and Collection of the Local Sales Tax on Titling of Motor Vehicles,   Trailers, Boats and Outboard Motors Purchased From a Source Other a Licensed Missouri   Dealer.       First and Second Reading.       Possible Vote.

c.    BILL NO. 18-06 — An Ordinance Imposing a City Use Tax in Billings, Missouri and Providing For Such Ordinance to be submitted to the Qualified Voters of the City. First and Second   Readings. Possible Vote.

d.    MSU Students to make a presentation on the Visioning Project on Thursday, May 10, 2018


at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall. Public is invited. Board Members who will attend, notify City Clerk.

e.    Brown to discuss new hire of Police Office Joseph Mahan @ $14.00 per hour, start date was April 16, 2018.       Possible Vote.

f.    Jessie Coker to discuss the drop box placement for the Library and also the refrigerator at the concession stand. Possible Vote.

g.    Jessie Coker moved from Ward Three, resignation letter to be accepted and Code Book returned to City Hall as soon as possible. Possible Vote.

h.    Poindexter to discuss quotes from All-Phase Electric for additional lights at new Storage Building.


Possible Vote.    


There will be a Fifteen Minute recess to seat the new Mayor and newly elected Board Members.

City Clerk to have the New Mayor and Newly Elected Board Members take the Oath of Office.



a.    Consent Agenda. Vote.


Review and approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of March 15, 2018 of the Billings Board of Aldermen Meeting.

Review and approve the Minutes of the Closed Session of March 15, 2018 of the Billings Board  

of Aldermen Meeting.

           Review and approve the Treasurer’s Report.  

           Review and approve the Police Report.

           Review and approve the Municipal Court Report.

           Review and approve the Animal Control Report.

           Review and approve the Wastewater & Water Maintenance Report.

           Review and approve the Water Collections Report.

           Review and approve the building Inspector’s Report.

b.    Certification from the County Clerk on the Election Results. FYI.

c.    Letter from DNR with an update on water samples. FYI.

d.    Mayor Rauch to nominate Scott Gold to replace Coker as Ward III Alderman.  Possible Vote.

e.    Mayor Rauch to ask the Board to make nominations for the President of the Board.  Possible Vote.

f.     Board needs to vote to remove Michael Hodges from the signature cards and approve David Rauch.  Possible Vote.

g.    Mayor Rauch to appoint a liaison to the Library. Possible Vote.

h.    Mayor Rauch to resign from Planning and Zoning, need a resignation letter from W.J. Walker and then appoint two new members to Planning and Zoning. Possible Vote.

i.     Mayor Rauch to discuss appointment to replace Jessie Coker in Ward III. Possible Vote.

j.     Woods to present two bids for a Dump Trailer. Information in packet. Possible Vote.

k.    Haskins contacted NLC Service Line Warranty Program from information in the Missouri Municipal Review and the Regional Manager sent some information about the program which is in the packet. Discussion. Possible Vote.

l.     Brown to discuss the replacement of the hot water heater in the concession stand. Possible Vote.

m.   Brown to discuss bidding out to contractors, digging out a footing and pouring concrete under the walls of the portable carport covering the generator at the plant. Possible Vote.

n.    Huffman would like to reestablish a Park Board with guidelines for usage and improvements to the City Park.       Discussion. Possible Vote.

o.    Hopkins request permission to pay Visu-Sewer $156,030.85 for 1st phase. Possible Vote.

p.    Hopkins requests to attend the 4 day GFOA Conference in St. Louis on May 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, 2018.


Will need four nights lodging at $550.00 and mileage for $248.52. Hopkins received a Scholarship for the registration of $300.00 and a meal allowance of $100.00. Possible Vote.

q.    Poindexter to discuss fencing for lift station on Beech St. and dog kennel fence for the building and add top to dog pens. Fence for lift station $4,645.00 an fence for dog fences $6,230.00.       Quotes in packet. Possible Vote.

r.    Poindexter to discuss manhole covers per meeting with engineer. Quote in packet, will need 200 covers at $42.00 each for a total of $8,400.00. Possible Vote.

s.    Review and approve payment of wages, expenses, bills, statements and other expenditures for the Month of  March,  2018. Possible Vote.

The Undersigned Hereby Certifies That a True Copy of the Foregoing Agenda was posted at City Hall,

Billings, Missouri on this the 17th day of April at 3:00 p.m.





Ruth M. Haskins, City Clerk










Board of Aldermen Agenda for Thursday, April 19, 2018