Draft Minutes Special Board Meeting Thursday, October 12, 2017


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OCTOBER 12, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.

Present were: Mayor Michael Hodges, Chief David Taylor, Treasurer Chris M. Hopkins and City Clerk Ruth M. Haskins.


No citizens or guests.



Fender             Present                                                               

Huffman         Present

Brown             Present

Harter             Present

Coker               Present

Woods              Absent


Mayor asked everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.



Fender asked if anyone got a letter in their mailbox. Everyone except Harter responded yes. Harter inquired about the contents of the letter. Fender responded it was about our water. Harter asked if it was from Jed.  Fender responded yes it was attached to the mailbox with a rubber band.

Coker discussed how the questions were being answered to the water customer. Coker stated that City Hall employees should only be telling them that our water is in compliance with DNR and if they have any questions the customer should contact DNR.



  • Fender found of couple of errors on General Fund. Line 591 is $1,200.00; line 2918 needs to be removed and put in line 1999; page 3 Codification $200.00, some are only $100.00, why different all department need to be back at $200.00; City Hall gas General, Police, Municipal and Water are all across the board, how does four departments pay for all the gas. Hopkins responded it is the bill divided by 4. Fender stated shouldn’t all the departments be equal. General did 900, Police did 600, Municipal did 600 and Public Works is 800. Fender asked if that was enough.  Harter stated the increase for aldermen would not affect the current Board.  Harter asked if the microphones worked. Answer was yes if you talk into them. Brown asked if Randy and Keith are put at the first of the agenda so they can leave early. Mayor stated yes. Brown also asked about putting up a real flag pole for City Hall. Mayor asked about 1910 and 1821 telephones. Fender says one is for computers or other electronic equipment as needed.  Harter asked about a budget item for the siren. Hopkins stated when Henry brings in a bill, it is paid. Harter stated his Budget is pretty self-explanatory. Fender asked if the officers last year received coats. Chief stated that comes out of the $400.00 allowance.   Brown asked about 2601, Chief responded this is for mobile computers. Harter asked if a bailiff was necessary in Court. Chief responded yes. Haskins responded if the dog is there for a long time he will let the people take them just to get them placed in a home. Harter stated Wal-Mart will donate dog food if you ask. Harter asked if FEMA had already paid all the fees. Harter asked if the Church was the only one that bought a hay permit. Hopkins respond there are two.  Huffman stated she tried to stay with the figures for last year. Coker asked when the park would be winterized. Haskins stated would be some time next week. Coker asked about when Empire will be there to shut off the utilities. Hopkins responded tomorrow. Coker asked if they could wait until Monday because she has to work. Hopkins responded it will be turned off Monday. Huffman stated she would like to call Ms. Brandt about the girls softball field, because the field belongs to the city. Huffman stated she is an advocate for the City not the School. Huffman would like to have some agreement so the school would help with the expenses. Huffman stated she would like to have some revenue coming in to help with the expenses. Fender stated if they have tournaments’ the teams pay a fee to the City, would have to advertise.   Harter asked who owned the baseball field and answer was the school. Brown asked if there were any questions about Water and Sewer. Fender asked about the building, Brown stated the dirt work has been started. Carport is quite roomy. Brown stated the 1451 on tools, will need to have an inventory. Coker asked if anything is missing. Brown stated just need to keep track of tools. Brown stated Hopkins told him a lot of the tools were their own personal tools. Harter asked about the change out program for water meters. If they only change 2 meters a month it will take 18 years to change all the meters. Hopkins stated that is paid out the interest only from the meter deposit checkbook. Hopkins stated there is a plan to change to electronic meters. Haskins stated when a new meter is installed it will usually be more accurate and will register higher readings, some of the old meter are slower and they don’t show all the usage. Brown wants to leave the $10,000.00 in a separate restricted account. Brown wants to vote on that next month. Harter asked what a primacy fee was. Hopkins explained that is the .27 changed on every months water bill that goes to DNR. Brown stated he would write something in November for the news letter. Hopkins discussed the Bond Accounts and Capital Improvements Account.     Coker stated the Library Budget is set.  No further business.  Motion to adjourn made by Fender seconded by Coker. Voting “Aye” Fender, Brown, Coker, Harter and Huffman. Voting “Nay” None. No abstentions.   


  • Mayor stated Randy and Keith got the edging installed at the park.


  • The fences will have to come out of reserve.  


  • Coker stated just put pens, however will use what we have. Harter asked what the fee was if dog picked. Haskins stated $20.00 pick-up fee and release fee $20.00 and daily charge of $5.00 per day. Mayor asked how much is the charge for adoption.


  • Fender asked if it was still worth having Court since they do not have to pay the fines, if they say they have no money. Fender wanted to know if had to hold Court every month. Chief answered was yes. Coker asked if a payment plan was available.   
  • Fender talked about buying new chairs, Coker stated the chairs were replaced two years ago. Harter lowers his chair.


  • Coker wanted to talk about the overtime paid for the meetings. Coker asked if that could be built into just regular time, by having the employees take time off in the week of the meetings. Coker stated $3,000.00 is a lot of money. Mayor stated he had tried to get time off to Randy and Keith to keep from paying overtime by cutting hours for the week, by giving 38 hrs. a week.


  • Harter asked about the telephone. Haskins stated waiting on Media-Com.


  • Fender asked about the bottled water for General, Municipal and Public Works, each pays 86.00. Why is it just the three departments paying for water. Hopkins responded only those three departments use the water. Fender stated cleaning of City Hall is paid for by Street and Park Funds. Hopkins stated that is what she was directed to do. Fender has one more question, on the last page, General is showing a negative $22,000.00 that is not correct. Hopkins responded she saw that was incorrect and will be fixed. Fender also stated since the Board was having more meetings, she is proposing a $5.00 per meeting increase for the Aldermen. Fender stated the Board does not have to do this, however she did put extra money in the Budget.



                                                            Michael B. Hodges, Mayor





Ruth M. Haskins, City Clerk












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