Board of Aldermen Meeting Thursday, July 20, 2017


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City Of Billings   P.O. Box 207   Billings, MO 65610

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Mayor Hodges to open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.





a.   Cameron with Elgin-Archer Engineers to discuss next projects for water as directed by the letter from DNR.  Possible Vote.

b.  Cameron to discuss obligations for the Bond on water and sewer rates.  Possible Vote.

c.   Mayor to discuss purchasing a portable car port for the Generator at the Plant.  Possible Vote.

d.   Christian County representative for the Library Board about the election for the tax increase that will be on the August Ballot.  Possible Vote.

e.   Poindexter to present quotes for new trash pump, will need when sever the water lines at the old tower at the old City Hall.  Quotes in the packet.  Possible Vote.

f.   Jed Forrester to discuss the quality of Billings Water.  Possible Vote.

g.   Dale Pride to discuss last month’s water bill, thinks his usage too high.  Randy and Keith both checked could not detect a leak.  At Mr. Pride’s request a new meter was installed.  Possible Vote.

h.   Mayor to discuss repairs to the Dakota service truck and the Ranger animal control truck.  Bids in packet for Dakota.  Verbal quote from Tail pipers on the Ranger for $327.00 for A/C work.    Possible Vote.

i.   Coker requested a letter explaining her absenteeism for the last three meetings be read to the Board by the Mayor.  Possible Vote.

j.   Library Board has requested the Mayor to appoint Tina Didreckson to the Library Board for a term of 2 years.    Possible Vote.

k.   Library Board has requested a review of the Library Ordinance changes.

l.   Coker asked for the following FYI’s be on the Agenda; Library will Host a Back to School Bash at Library 8-5 from 9 to 1, Bake Sale, Free Haircuts for Kids, Serving Hot Dogs & Lemonade.  Also Library will host a Scholastic Book Fair from July 31st to Aug. 5th during normal hour.

m.   Harter to discuss the cell phone bill for Chief Taylor.  Possible Vote.

n.    Harter to discuss inspections for rental units.  Ordinance in packet.

o.    Hopkins would like to attend the Board of Directors Meeting for GFOA in Columbia on Friday, August 11, 2017.  Will only need mileage reimbursement of $192.50.  Possible Vote.

p.    Hopkins to discuss Building Permit fee for Billings School Safe Room, four inspections will cost the City $120.00.  If water tap is needed the cost would be $2,000.00 and sewer connection would be $750.00.  Possible Vote.

q.    Hopkins to discuss the sidewalk project on Pine Street from Howcroft to Howard.  Bid is in packet.  Ad was placed in the paper.  Possible Vote.

r.    Consent Agenda.  Vote.


Review and approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of the Board of Aldermen, June 15, 2017.

Review and approve the Minutes of the Closed Session of June 15, 2017.

Review and approve the Treasurer’s Report.

Review and approve the Police Report.

Review and approve the Municipal Court Report.

Review and approve the Animal Control Report.

Review and approve the Wastewater Maintenance Report.

Review and approve the Water Report.

Review and approve the Building Inspector’s Report.

Review and approve the Library Minutes.

s.    Review and approve payment of wages, expenses, bills, statements and other expenditures for the month of June, 2017.  Possible Vote.




a.    Attorney to discuss bids for the storage building at the plant.  Due to the prevailing wage laws, will have to reconsider who should be awarded the job.  Possible Vote.

b.    The bid for the repairs of the sidewalk and drainage ditch on Mt. Vernon is in the packet from Les Thomas for $11,850.00.  Possible Vote.

c.     Board to give approval for the Mayor to sign the contract with MDC for the new phone service.  Also AT & T was contacted and stated they did not provide the service needed for the new phone service, however Hopkins called Mediacom and they will provide the service on a three year contract.  First year will be $129.99 per month.  Second year will be $139.00 per month.  Third year will be $149.00 per month.  Board also needs to approve the Mayor signing the Mediacom agreement.  Possible Vote.

d.    BILL NO.  17-06  An Ordinance Authorizing Entry of an Agreement for Private Crossing By and Between The City Of Billing, Missouri and BNSF Railway Company.  First and Second Reading. Possible Vote.

e.    BILL NO.  17-07 An Ordinance Amending the Municipal Code of the City of Billings, Missouri at 8 700.050 Regarding Residential Water Rates and 8 700.080 Regarding Sewer Rates.  First and Second Readings.  Possible Votes.

f.     BILL NO.  17-08 An Ordinance Amending The Municipal Code Of the City Of Billings, Missouri

At Chapter 145 Regarding Public Library and Library Board.  First and Second Readings.      Possible Vote.


Mayor may ask for a Motion to go into Closed Session Pursuant to Section 610.021(3) RSMo


Meeting Closed to the Public.  Reopen Regular Session. 


No further Business. 




The Undersigned Hereby Certifies That a True Copy of the Foregoing Agenda was posted at City Hall, Billings, Missouri on this the 18th day of July. 2017 at 3:30 p.m.



Ruth M. Haskins, City Clerk



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