Board of Aldermen Agenda Thursday, March 16, 2017


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The undersigned, the duly elected Mayor of the City of Billings, Missouri does hereby call

A Special Meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Billings, Missouri.  The meeting

will take place on March 16th 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall.


Mayor Hodges to open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.






a.  Brown to discuss the flusher.  This was postponed from last meeting.  Possible Vote.

b.  Brown to discuss the proposed storage building at the wastewater plant.  This was


postponed from last meeting.  Possible Vote.

c.  Jessie Coker to present Employee Handbook revisions for review.  Possible Vote.

d.  Jessie Coker to request update from Hopkins on the FEMA project.

e.  Jessie Coker requested $550.00 for the Library from the Cell Tower money at the last


meeting.  This item was postponed at the last meeting.  Possible Vote.   



.   Consent Agenda.  Vote.


            Review and approve the Minutes for the Regular Session of the Board of Alderpersons

            Meeting of February 9, 2017.

            Review and approve the Treasurer’s Report.

            Review and approve the Police Report.

            Review and approve the Municipal Court Report.

            Review and approve the Animal Control Report.

            Review and approve the Wastewater Maintenance Report.

            Review and approve the Water Report.

            Review and approve the Building Inspector’s Report.

b.   BILL NO.  17-04 — An Ordinance Amending the Municipal Code of the City of Billings,


Missouri at S 110.170 Regarding Times of Regular Meetings.  First and Second Readings.


c.   Marshall Decker of Decker & DeGood to present the 2016 financial audit.  Possible Vote.

d.   Mayor to remove Mickey Brown as liaison to the Library Board.  Reappoint Jesse Coker 


to Library Board as liaison.  Possible Vote.

e.   Mickey Brown to discuss bids for 40 X 50 building at Plant.  Possible Vote.

f.   Review, discuss, approve or reject bids from March 15, 2017 for the Sand Filter Building at


the Wastewater Plant, a Bond Project.  Hopkins to read bids.  Possible Vote.

g.   Library Board requests that Chapter 145 Public Library and Library Board; Section 145.01,


Section 145.020, Section 145.030, Section 145.040, Section 145.050, Section 145.060,

Section 145.070, Section 145.080 and Section 145.090 be repealed in its entirety.  Library

Board requests that the Library Board be rewritten in the format of the Fair Board.

Possible Vote.

h.   Whitney Packwood to discuss update on Library.

i.   Whitney Packwood (Vice-President) to present modifications to Library Ordinance to be in compliance with Library By-Laws.  Possible Vote.

j.   Whitney Packwood to request closing current City Library Bank account and transfer funds


to new Library Bank account.  Request dollar amount in account for transfer.  Possible Vote.

k.   Whitney Packwood to request copies of Library Utility bills so Library Treasurer can forward


Payment to the City.  Possible Vote.

l.   Whitney Packwood would like to request that the Library receive the same courtesy allotted


to the Fire Department and continue to receive free water.  Possible Vote.  

m.   Taylor to request approval of change in Police Department overtime policy, from current


policy to the proposed policy.  The reason for the change due to MODOT grants

(information in packets).  Possible Vote

n.   Rod Cowan (4-H) would like to have concession stand for the July 4th activities at the Park


as they have done in the past.  Possible Vote.

o.   Hopkins to move $85,980.00 required for Bond Reserve Funds from Operation and Maintenance


Bond (2016) into new savings account Bond Reserve Account for final payment in 2041.

Monthly interest earned transferred to Bond Construction Account.  Possible Vote.

p.   Hopkins to request retiring Alderpersons to bring in City Code Books and Land Development


Books to City Hall by April 10th.

q.   Spring Clean-up date is set for Thursday, May 18th.

r.   Poindexter to request approval to purchase a water meter for the fire station.  The City is


still experiencing a huge water loss of 5.8 million gallon.  The fire station is the only water

that is not metered.  No price quote.  Possible Vote.

s.   Poindexter requests approval to purchase two (2) used Scott 2.2 SCBA’s, the cost for the


back frame and face piece is $625.00 per unit.  These are to be used at the wastewater

treatment plant for emergency chlorine leaks.  The old SCBA is outdated and unapproved,

can’t be refilled.  Possible Vote.

t.   Mayor to discuss the sewer main back-up at 402 Hamilton.  Servo-Pro was called to do the


clean-up and it is ongoing.  The insurance company has been notified, an adjustor will be inspecting the damages.  There will be a deductible of $500.00.  At this time it is unknown

what the total amount will be.  Possible Vote.

u.   Review and approve payment of wages, expenses, bills, statements and other  expenditures


for the month of February 2017.  Possible Vote.


Mayor asked for a Motion to go into Closed Session Pursuant to 610.021(3) RSMo.

Session closed to the Public.

Reopen session.

No further business.





Michael B. Hodges, Mayor                                                         

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